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Due to the volume of translation work, I no longer provide training on a regular basis.

Previously, I provided public courses through and also offered one-to-one training through distance learning.

One-to-one training may still be possible, depending on the circumstances.

An example of previous public courses is available here:

Training by distance learning

 If you prefer personal, one-to-one training rather than the other types of training formats generally available then training by distance learning may be the answer.

You can take as little or as much training as you wish in units of 1 hour and you can schedule the training to take place whenever convenient.

Every course is tailored to individual needs. To help ensure that your objectives are met you are asked to complete a training questionnaire.

Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, you will be contacted to discuss the details you have supplied and this will enable us to agree as to the content and duration of the course.

Please contact me for more details.